Article Published in ChitralTimes written by Dur Wali

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In his article the authors stated as follow:

The heights by great men reached and maintained were not attained overnight nor by sudden flight, but they were toiling hard in the night, while their companions slept,” This famous sayings comes true when applied to Mr. Hidayat-Ullah of Danin Chitral.

Mr. Hidayat-Ullahis a humble, kind, honest, committed and human loving personality, who preferred to devote his life for the noble cause of serving the needy students in the field of education to make differences in their lives. He had been an active member of religious/political party since his college life.During his college life as a student and later on as a political worker, he observed and extremely felt the ups and downs in the lives of talented students, who remained out of college and University, just because of financial constraint, which always clicked in his great mind to do something for them to make positive changes in their lives.

As, he had a great desire to do something extra-ordinary work in his life to make difference in the lives of others.So, he decided to say good bye to his party forever and started working in the direction to give practical shape to his dream. With his tireless efforts and struggle, he succeeded to form a local Welfare Organization with the name Regional Organization for Supporting Education (ROSE)Chitral in 2008, by lighting a candle in darkness. Later on ROSE has been registered with welfare department of government of Pakistan in 2010. The purpose of establishing this organization was to facilitate and extend financial assistance to those needy students of Chitral, who were unable to continue their education just because of financial constraint.

He succeeded to mobilize the people, who love to serve the humanity. No doubt, God helps those people in achieving their prime objectives, who love to serve the humanity ir-respect of their caste, tribe, region and religion like Mr. Hidayat-Ullah. There is no dearth of such great people in our beautiful Chitral in particular and in Pakistan in general, who feel bound to encourage, help and support those people like Mr. Hidayat-Ullah inserving the humanity.

He also succeeded to convince the heads of many higher educational institutions in Pakistan to grant scholarship for needy students of Chitral. For example, Riphah International University,Qurtaba University,Iqra National University Peshawar, Professional’s Academy of Commerce (PAC) Peshawar,Abasin University, Cosmopolitan Institute of Education etc are granting scholarship for ROSE Chitral’s recommended needy students.Nelson Mandela says “education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the world.” Therefore, Mr. Hidayat-Ullah is working in that direction to bring about a positive change in the society through education.

Presently, there are approximately 400 students studying in different disciplines, such as Medical, Engineering, M.Sc, MA English, MBA, CAetc in different educational institutions within Pakistan with the financial assistance of ROSE Chitral.

ROSE has initiated negotiations with many other organizations like Pak. Scholarship program, Alfalah Scholarship program, etc for approving scholarship to needy students of Chitral.Now, Mr. Hidayat-Ullah has become the rays of hope for many families in Chitral, who are unable to afford the educational expenditures of their children. We need to appreciate and acknowledge the great services of Mr. Hidayat-Ullah in the field of education to bring about a visible change and sustainable change in the society.I feel proud to appeal all my friends and country men to donate and give Zakat to ROSE Chitral to facilitate needy students of Chitral financially in getting their higher education to lead a meaningful lives in future

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