Brains Institute Peshawar

BRAINS developed its roots and spread its shade in harmony with its vision. BRAINS started as a humble, yet with a resolve, institute in 1993. Initially, BRAINS started with innovative professional training programs. BRAINS were, and still continue to be, the leaders in professional training in KP. When BRAINS started with terms such as soft skills, leadership, entrepreneurship; these were unheard of in KP. Since then innovation and market-based education have been BRAINS hallmark. The excellence BRAINS imbibed in its teaching soon led other ventures to them, seeking collaborations. With BRAINS’ name quickly becoming a brand of success, nurturing, and excellence they set off to replicate the organization’s strengths in other educational offerings as well.

In February 2021 Pro Director BRAINS and Chairman ROSE-Chitral inked an MoU to provide education to Chitrali deserving and talented students as per the following sheets.

S/NoProgramsNo. of SeatsDetail of Fee Concession
1B.Tech in Civil Engineering250% on tuition fees and other
than 40% on tuition fee only
2BS Management Sciences550% on tuition fee only
3BS Computer Sciences550% on tuition fee only
4BS Engineering Technology550% on tuition fee only
5F.Sc/ DAE550% on tuition fee only
Brains Postgraduate Degree College, Peshawar -
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