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    ROSE Chitral offering this scholarship only for those students who qualifying the admission test and securing a quota for Chitrali…

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    ROSE Chitral offering this scholarship only for those students who qualifying the admission test and securing a quota for Chitrali…

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    With the name of Almighty, the Most Merciful and Beneficial. It is a matter of great pleasure that the idea of supporting education in Chitral is a clear vision for me and my team members. What started an idea to support the needy and talented students is now a change factor in the remote district of Chitral. Regional Organization for Supporting Education (ROSE) Chitral aims to provide financial assistance, career counseling, awareness, and opportunities for education to the needy and talented youth of Chitral regardless of religion, race, and region.

    The achievements so far we have embraced are due to the support of the philanthropists, socially responsible institutions within and outside Pakistan, and dedicated team members.

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    ROSE Team

    ROSE team is a group of energetic people and volunteers who are committed to bringing a change in Chitral through education.

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    I am grateful for ROSE Chitral’s significant financial contributions to education. This organization has been a beacon of hope for those dreaming of a brighter future. Under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Sir Hidayat, I believe ROSE will continue to uplift society through higher education.

    Mussarat Jabeen

    Associate Professor (Principal GDC Booni)

    Thank you for empowering women through education! ROSE’s dedication to supporting women in higher studies is commendable. Your efforts have opened new opportunities, fostered growth, and inspired many women to pursue their dreams. We are grateful for your commitment to gender equality and education. Keep lighting the path to success for women everywhere!

    Naveeda Rozi

    Assistant Professor Urdu

    ROSE Chitral has made commendable contributions in education in a short time. I appeal to philanthropists to financially support their mission. Helping deserving students through ROSE Chitral is a noble cause our society greatly needs. May Allah bless this endeavor.

    Prof. Israr ud Din


    ROSE Chitral selfless dedication to providing women with access to education is truly remarkable. Your commitment to offering this opportunity without financial burden is a testament to your belief in empowering women through knowledge.

    Taiba Razaq

    Principal, GTVC (W) BooniΒ 

    In Chitral, financial hurdles often hinder students’ educational aspirations despite their inherent talent. ROSE strives to overcome these challenges, providing vital support to deserving students, and enabling them to excel locally and globally.

    Khaleeq uz Zaman Kakakhel

    Khateeb Shahi Masjid Chitral

    ROSE, has created a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring countless minds to grow and flourish. Its support and guidance have made a significant difference in the lives of students and educators alike

    Qari Shams ud Din

    Khateeb Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi

    ROSE Chitral is the pioneering organization in the region, committed to aiding financially disadvantaged students. Led by Hidayat Bhai, we’ve supported numerous students pursuing education in various fields across Pakistan.

    Abdul Latif

    Member Parliament

    I have been engaged in public service for 30 years and I am very much impressed with the way ROSE Chitral is working for educational development in Chitral.

    Syed Ehsan Ullah Waqas

    CEO, The Punjab Schools

    ROSE Chitral is fighting against illiteracy and ignorance. We are proud to be with ROSE Chitral in this endeavor.

    Dr. Shakeel Roshan

    President Alhamd Islamic University

    Flowers do not grow every day and when they do, they perfume their surroundings like ROSE Chitral.

    Muhammad Sharif Shakeeb

    Columnist Daily Aaj

    I am happy and privileged to have signed the first MoU with ROSE Chitral and I put it at the top of the list of good deeds in my life.

    Prof. Muhammad Riaz Danish

    Faculty Member COMSATS University

    ROSE Chitral is actually the embodiment of our dreams and there can be no better dream in terms of aid in the field of education.

    Dr. Naseer ullah Ishaq

    Educationist/ Philanthropist

    ROSE Chitral has not only helped the students of Chitral but on the one hand, has done Chitral and Chitralis a favor by giving awareness to their future generations.

    Haji Maghfirat Shah

    Ex. Mayor District Chitral

    In my view, ROSE is a sign from Allah Almighty that we should help the needy and promising students. And ROSE Chitral is doing it well.

    Hammad Safi


    The fact is that every community in Chitral has given ownership to Rose. We hope that ownership and adoption will be further enhanced.

    Dr. Inayat Ullah Faizi (TI)

    Chitral's First Ph.D. Holder

    I have visited Chitral to attend an educational seminar conducted by ROSE-Chitral. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and zeal of the locals to boost education. ROSE Chitral playing a vital role in this regard.

    Haroon Rasheed

    Senior Media Person

    We are glad working in close collaboration with ROSE-Chitral. ROSE Chitral working for the betterment of the district and needy and talented students.

    Dr. Farzand Ali

    VC, Iqra National University
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