Chairman Meets with Sohail Ahmed, FBR Inspector

In a recent meeting that resonated with the spirit of collaboration and educational empowerment, Mr. Hidayat Ullah, Chairman of ROSE-Chitral, had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sohail Ahmed, an Inspector at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Islamabad office. The meeting took place in Islamabad, where Sohail Ahmed has been diligently serving as an Inspector Inland Revenue Department.

ROSE-Chitral, an organization dedicated to supporting education and brightening the futures of Chitral’s deserving youth, is known for its relentless efforts to provide educational opportunities. Sohail Ahmed, in his role at the FBR Islamabad office, has been contributing to the nation’s revenue system as an Inspector.

During the meeting, Sohail Ahmed extended his appreciation for ROSE-Chitral’s commendable work in the field of higher education. He acknowledged the organization’s ongoing efforts to uplift the youth of Chitral by offering scholarships, career guidance, and educational support. Sohail Ahmed’s words of encouragement and recognition reaffirmed the importance of ROSE-Chitral’s mission.

What stood out during the meeting was Sohail Ahmed’s expressed commitment to collaborate with ROSE-Chitral in the future. He conveyed his willingness to support the organization’s endeavors to enhance the educational landscape in Chitral.

ROSE-Chitral deeply appreciates Sohail Ahmed’s dedication to the cause of education and his openness to collaborate. Such partnerships are instrumental in extending the reach and impact of educational initiatives, ultimately benefiting the youth and the community.

As Chairman Hidayat Ullah and Sohail Ahmed discussed potential avenues for cooperation, it became evident that these interactions hold promise for the future. Collaboration between individuals like Sohail Ahmed, who are actively contributing to the nation’s revenue system, and organizations like ROSE-Chitral, committed to nurturing young talents, can lead to transformative changes in the lives of Chitrali students.

ROSE-Chitral looks forward to the prospect of working alongside Sohail Ahmed and other individuals and entities who share their vision of a brighter, more educated Chitral. These partnerships continue to be the driving force behind the organization’s mission, and together, they are writing inspiring stories of educational empowerment.

ROSE-Chitral extends its heartfelt gratitude to Sohail Ahmed for his time, encouragement, and willingness to join hands for a brighter educational future in Chitral. Collaborations like these reinforce the belief that when communities and individuals unite for a common goal, they can bring about meaningful change and open doors of opportunity for those in need.

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